My interview with Mélange ‘Accessibility for All’ magazine

Imagine you’re living your life like you do every day. Then, imagine a life-altering situation happens, where from one moment to the next, your life as you once knew it is forever changed.

Mélange ‘Accessibility for All’ magazine interviewed me about my life-altering spinal cord injury. I spoke about my car accident, the major adjustments I had to make in my life, how I regained my confidence, the technology I use that helps me to live a full life as a wheelchair user, and how I don’t allow myself to be defined by my disability.

This is my story!

You can check out the online article here.

And on page 134 of the January Mélange ‘Accessibility for All’ magazine by clicking here.

I have included my screenshots of my interview below. However, I encourage you to check out the full magazine as well. It has a lot of interesting profiles and information related to accessibility. For example: interviews with the founders of Izzy Wheels – your one-stop shop for decorative wheel covers, Runway of Dreams that works with the fashion industry to bring adaptive clothing to the millions of people living with a disability, a profile on Sailability Antigua who have made sailing accessible for people with disabilities, and many more.

About the magazine

Mélange Accessibility for All magazine is based in Vancouver, Canada. They publish a quarterly digital magazine, international in focus, that encourages inclusion and accessibility for all, while providing a platform for the empowerment of people with disabilities. It can be read here: