“Wheelchair access review: Adasa Temple near Nagpur”

Adasa, a small village about 45 kms from Nagpur, is famous for a 4,000 years old Ganesh temple. This temple is also known as one of the eight Ashta-Vinayaks in Maharashtra.

This video captures glimpses of the Adasa Temple and shows how a wheelchair user can go around the entire campus.

The entire campus have been developed by the state government to attract tourists. In addition to the main temple of Lord Ganesha, there are temples dedicated to many other gods such as Shiva, Durga & Kali. Situated on a hillock, this place is peaceful and offers a great view of surrounding nature. You can easily spend half a day here with family and friends.

Similar to most places of Hindu worship, this temple also has a fleet of steps to reach the main prayer area. As you can imagine is this is definitely not wheelchair-friendly. But do not worry, sincere devotees always come forward to help maneuver the wheelchair through rough terrain.

My rating on accessibility: ★★☆☆☆

I am a quadriplegic, paralyzed below my shoulders due to a spinal-cord injury. Using a wheelchair has only changed the way I travel to places. The explorer in me is always ready to cruise destinations and challenge inaccessibility.