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I have lived in Mumbai for almost eight years. But ever since I became a wheelchair user I have dreaded the thought of going on the city roads. Traveling in public transport such as the iconic local trains and classic-red-BEST buses is unimaginable because of the superfluous crowd and inaccessibility.

However, the city seems to have taken the lead in providing the maximum number of taxi services that are accessible for wheelchair users.

Check out these wheelchair accessible taxi services from Mumbai. You can either use them to take a spin around the city or hire them to travel throughout the country.

Ezy Mov, Mumbai

Ezy Mov has a fleet of 10 accessible taxis, modified Tata Venture and Tata Winger.

They had earlier partnered with Meru and launched Meru Enable, but are now working independently. They have an all India permit, so if you want to go out of Mumbai to any other city in the country, you can hire their taxi. There are also available on a weekly and monthly basis.

Costs: Base fare of Rs 400 for first 5 kms, thereafter it’s Rs 30 per km.

Hire the taxi for a day i.e.  from 2 hrs, 20kms to 8 hrs, 80 kms rangs from Rs 1,000 to Rs 3000.

How to book: Call +91-90290 90880, or email


Check out my video for a closer feel of the taxi. I had tried their wheelchair accessible taxi when it was called Meru Enable. Their service quality remains the same.  

I’m also sharing details of their Mumbai costs below. This is updated as on December 2019:

Ezy Mov Mumbai charges Dec19

Samartha Travels, Mumbai

Available since 2006, Samartha Travels is undoubtedly one of the first wheelchair accessible taxi services available in the country. They started with a modified Toyota Qualis. Today their fleet consists of 2 vans; a Tata Winger with a hydraulic lift and another Tata Winger with a foldable ramp made of lightweight aluminum. In addition to the driver and the wheelchair user, 4 additional people can travel in the vans.  

Cost: Hire the taxi for a day i.e. 8 hrs, 80 kms for Rs 3500. Thereafter it’s Rs 20 per extra km/ Rs 200 per extra hour.

For outstation travel, it’s Rs 25 per km + driver allowance of Rs 1200 per day.

How to book: Call +91-9821501718, or mail


Samartha is the brainchild of Prasad Phanasgaonkar who also happens to be a wheelchair user because of muscular dystrophy. Check out his video below: 

Access 4 All

Started by Arvind R. Prabhoo, who is a quadriplegic, Access 4All has been operational since 2008. Their fleet consists of 2 Tata Winger vans equipped with hydraulic lifts. Their taxi can accommodate up to 2 wheelchair users and has additional seats for 3 regular passengers.

Cost: Hire the taxi for a day i.e. 8 hrs, 80 kms for Rs 1800. Thereafter it’s Rs 25 per extra km/ Rs 250 per extra hour.

Pickup and drop from anywhere in the city to the domestic airport is Rs 1500 and for the international airport is Rs 2000.

How to book: Call +91-9821367742



Mobicab was started by Sanjana Aswani. Their fleet consists of 2 cars and more will be added in the future. The Hyundai Accent taxi has a front seat that swivels out and can be attached to an undercarriage. This converts the car seat into a wheelchair which can be taken around. The other taxi is a Tata Winger and it has a foldable ramp.

Cost: Hire the taxi for a day i.e. 8 hrs, 80 kms for Rs 3000 and for 4 hrs, 40 kms its Rs 2200.

How to book: Call +91-9920098900

Website: Their service is new and website is not yet launched. You can check out their pamplet here.

I hope you found the above information useful.

If you come across any other wheelchair accessible taxi service in Mumbai, then do share their details in the comments section below. I will be happy to update the blog.

9 thoughts on “Booking wheelchair accessible taxi in Mumbai

  1. Very good Mrunmaiy, I sincerely appreciate your efforts to find accessuble vehicles and collect and share the information for other disabled people…I was aware of all these companies and apart from these companies I have no knowledge of any other company that is running such a service.

  2. Hi Mrunmaiy.. I am Bhavani…have muscular dystrophy…using wheelchair from last 20 years…I love traveling but restricted to home …we have recently relocated to Mumbai from Hyderabad…got to know about wheelchair taxis and eazymov from a friend…then saw Ur blog and video .. thanks for all the details…jusy wanted to know about the safety system of eazymov.. going to take their ride this week…so wanted a word from you…

    1. Their accessible taxis are usually the big ones, pretty stable. They also fasten the wheelchair with four locks. Go right ahead. I’m sure you will enjoy the ride. You can always ask the driver to go super slow if you’re feeling uncomfortable.

      1. Thanks Mrunmaiy for Ur prompt reply….ya looking forward for the ride….super excited to see Mumbai…will keep in touch and let u know about my ride

  3. Hi Mrunmaiy,
    My name is Priya and came across your blog right now, as was looking disabled access transport. Thanks for the help you have shared here. Please let me know if you know any rehabilition centre’s in Mumbai for bed ridden seniors. My mom is aged 63 and bed ridden for 2 yrs. She can’t even get up to sit on wheelchair. I’ve neeb trying to take her to hospitals to do an xray to understand the problem, but the hospitals we went to, didn’t have access for disabled patients and so alas, no xray was done. I wish my mom can be treated and so any info you may be able to give will be greatly appreciated. My mom is longing to walk, if nothing I atleast want to help her hold herself up to sit on a wheelchair by herself, hope you know a center that can help us.
    Thank you.

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